Services Available at Aldaview Services


The Achieve program assists individuals 18 years and older to be aware of and facilitate access to resources and venues in their community, that would aid with individualized planning for personal development.  Which may include areas such as; exploring personal development, making connections, community participation, education and leisure and recreation activities.

Supported Independent Living

Providing individuals throughout their community who receive minimal supports to assist them to live on their own independently through person centred planning and exploring strategies to enable continued growth.

Community Participation

Aldaview offers day supports through the Connections program, Monday to Friday. The program offers opportunities for individuals to be part of their community at their level of interest. Staff assists individuals by exploring volunteer and employment opportunities, as well as leisure and recreational involvement.

Learning For Life

Provides a weekly class to individuals geared to the interests of the participants. Developing their social and cognitive skills through activities.

Life after Forty Five- LAFF

Seniors programming provides participants in their senior years with alternative daily options while considering their changing cognitive and physical needs. Activities offered provide social, physical and mental stimulation.

Residential supports

Aldaview offers residential options for individuals who require 24 hour support to live within their community. There are six homes throughout New Hamburg, of which two are wheelchair accessible and one home provides awake overnight staff.

Respite Programs

The Summer Opportunities program for individuals who have been attending high school during this past year and who are interested in participating in activities during the summer months and March break.

The program runs daily Monday to Friday and March Break.  Participants are involved in social, leisure, and recreational opportunities in the community at their level of interest.